Saturday, March 29, 2008

WordPress 2.5 Released - SendMeRSS

Within the last hour, WordPress 2.5 was released for public access. Go for it.

I’m in Dallas for WordCamp Dallas and Matt Mullenweg is speaking right now and just made the annoucement.

I’ll have more information later. Go get your copy and have fun with the new Administration Panels. Click EVERYTHING. users will hopefully get upgraded within the week.

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User comment: By: Fett's blog
WordPress 2.5 już jest! Dziś krótko: dostępny jest już nowy WordPress, który po długim okresie usprawniania i testowania dobił wersji 2.5. Do pobrania dostępny tutaj. Szerszy opis i moje wrażenia już na dniach (: ...
User comment: By: ecoinsomniac
I wish I could have made it to WordCamp Dallas, but my brothers birthday took precedence. I hope they put up video of speakers and someone puts up a nice directory of bloggers who are going to share knowledge they gained. Have a blast Lorelle and family I'm sure you will!
User comment: By: dinsan
Yep, My files are being updated now :)
User comment: By: The Bikini Blogs
Just upgraded and love the new interface :-)
[...] to Lorelle, the latest and greatest WordPress has been released. And it has, I've already upgraded this [...]
User comment: By: andyw
My footer shows 'You are using a development version (2.5)' but I just downloaded the latest version from did someone forget to update the text? :)
User comment: By: andyw
Upgrading as we speak... I feel so sorry for all those people at WordCamp Dallas who have just heard the announcement and can't do the upgrade straight away, must be gutting! :)
User comment: By: kerberoS
[...] gone round various sites, checking that they're all up-to-date with WordPress, they go and officially release version 2.5! I'll hang back a while before upgrading though, since I'm intending to change my theme [...]
[...] WordPress 2.5 Released>> lorelle on wordpress [...]
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