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Woopra DashboardI’m rarely totally and completely blown away by anything, and yesterday at WordCamp Dallas, John Pozadzides blew the whole crowd away with his new blog statistics program, Woopra.

John is a blogger, author of the popular One Man's Blog, and an experienced web user, web company owner and business man. He understands the importance blog statistics play in determining how to best serve your readers. Like me, he wasn’t happy with what was currently available. He and his partners, Elie Khoury and Jad Younan, decided to break all the rules, revolutionizing the way we think and use blog statistics. He totally blew us all away with the demo at WordCamp.

Woopra Landing PageWoopra is a live statistics program. It tells you what is happening on your blog right now, this very second. When he showed it the crowd at WordCamp Dallas, I logged onto his blog, and there on the screen, the audience saw my name pop up in Woopra. The cookie created when I commented on his blog passed on my site information, information I had already provided freely when I left a comment. Those who have not commented or registered are just shown as anonymous visitors.

It features counts of how many are on your blog at that moment, which adjusted as we watched the screen and other audience members jumped on board. We all watched the number go from 48 to over 60 and kept growing as more and more signed on.

Woopra Visitor Map LiveThere is a listing of the basic information provided by your browser like where you are arriving from, the browser you are using, screen size, and so on, but much more. There is a live action map that shows the countries with white dots that flash like a radar signal to show the geographical location from where the visitors are on the map. When we switched to the map, we saw flashing signals from Australia, Alaska, Europe, but the collection of radar rings radiating from Dallas, Texas, was huge, showing all of us on his blog.

While we watched, John clicked on my name on the list of visitors in Woopra and initiated a conversation with me. On my laptop, a tiny window popped up inviting me to start a conversation with him. I did not have the program installed on my computer. I agreed, and the audience watched as I responded and we “chatted” live via Woopra.

Woopra Visitor Chat StartedThis program could revolutionize the way we gather information about our visitors and interact with them. Imagine being able to communicate with your visitors without any extra software or hardware. Imagine getting information you need in a way you can really use it to focus your blog’s content to better server your readership. The possibilities are endless.

It works on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Once you site up with a Woopra account, the admin panels allow you to add your sites and download an optional WordPress Plugin to make the process of adding the Javascript to your blog easier from the Administration Panels. If you cannot add a Plugin to your blog, or want to add the Javascript manually in a text widget or other fashion, you can choose the Manual Installation method.

I could go on and on about all the features of this amazing and revolutionary product. I’m still learning so much about it and as I learn more, you’ll hear about it. Hosted by Layered Technologies, Woopra is currently in beta testing and only available by invitation. There is still some testing and sorting that has to happen, but at it stands right now, it knocked my socks off.

It also knocked the socks off of Cali and Neal of GeekBrief.TV who videoed Woopra in action, then blogged about it with glee with an indepth interview and video with John. Techcrunch jumped on this new blog stats toy and went nuts with it, as did Mashable, all within a few hours. It’s been so exciting to watch!

No Woopra for Users…Yet

I want to use Woopra desperately here on , but I’m frustrated. does not allow Javascripts on the site. John has told me that there are already over 5,000 invitations from users, and the number is growing as we watched, but he can’t hand out the demo invitations to users.

Matt Mullenweg and the Automattic team were there and appeared to be seriously impressed, so maybe we can do a little nudging to get access via

To help you nudge, I’ve added adding Woopra to to the WordPress Ideas and a post on the Forum on the subject for you to comment on and offer your opinions.

Please, don’t ask me for invitations. Sign up for Woopra and register your blog, even if you are on They will send you an invitation when they can. Remember, this is still in testing, so it’s first come first serve. They will add new users as fast as they can. users will be the first in line to get access, if opens the door.

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User comment: By: theWizard
thanks lorelle this is awesome :)
User comment: By: George Manlangit
This is great. I'll check on onemansblog when it comes. I used to be one of those who don't care on stats but I think it should be part of the arsenal of tools. Traditionally, I think it's not a big deal but web2.0 has dramatically change internet from a 'presence-only' site to a more engaging community site. For marketing purposes, it sure helps in figuring out the stats.
User comment: By: Jersey
While I can understand for certain people the importance of blog statistics, I am not one who follows regularly the number of hits my sites gets -- okay, one I check like weekly, the other I barely care about because it is a personal blog. To each their own, though. Lorelle, stats are important to you. To Jersey, niet, nein, nada, niente. :P
User comment: By: Chuckles
It would be nice to have one comprehensive blog stat program that had the features of Cystat, BotTracker, and Wassup incorporated into WordPress. Hopefully a future release will include such a program and cut down the need for plug-ins. Each of the three programs has unique features that contribute to the understanding of what is occurring on your blog but does not give you an overall feel for what is occurring on your at the moment without having to review all of the text information. Having not seen this program it is difficult to say if I feel this is heading in the right direction or if I would write WordPress asking for it. Until it is available for review I am going to hold off my comment. For me I know what I need and it is not being met by the current plug-in. I would like to have a comparison by category, by day, and by page in graphical format so that I can see what is of interest to my readers. Right now Cystats along with BotTracker gives me an idea overall. However neither program gives me a feel for curren trends, long-term trends, or the ability to compare. So I am left to guess. Hopefully Word Press will release a comprehensive program that makes understanding what is occurring a lot easier.
User comment: By: TheOddsTrader
Wow. Just wow! Signing up now!
User comment: By: sarsurah
they will send everyone invitations when they are ready for it.. and not beta anymore.. just wait some days.. hm, and pray ;)
User comment: By: Aaron
As a warning, they let you register all the way up until the point where you login and go to add a website before they say that you need an invite. Here I thought I was special. :(
User comment: By: vkeong
Wow the interface totally blew me off.. looking at the screenshot alone is already enough for me to try it
User comment: By: Lorelle VanFossen
@ Darran: It is still in testing and this public exposure came really early, so stay tuned for a lot of news on this. GA ain't got nothing on this.
User comment: By: The Lazy Aussie
That sounds fantastic mate. users CAN get the live world radar thingy from whosamungus (but not the conversation) It is only html so is fine as a text widget on it really is good if you get any sort of traffic at all, and seeing the stars light up all over the planet is amazing. I was fortunately looking when one of my posts was stumledupon, and seeing the whole USA light up light a christmas tree was one of the most pleasureable moments in blogging i have had. (It was for this post if you are wondering.) I have recommended it a couple of times on the forums. Will give .com users a taste until this program is available.
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