Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Under-appreciated and often ill-trained poll workers need your help - SendMeRSS

The Associated Press (AP) has published an article about many of the problems experienced by poll workers so far this election season; the Feb. 23rd story is entitled "Precinct hiccups blamed on poor training". These employees often are ill-trained for the variety of voting machines on the market today and complicated voting rules; they sometimes have to manage long voter lines; and possible problems with voter rolls or other election official snafus complicate an already under-appreciated job.

You can help if your state still has not had primaries or caucuses, or you can wait until the upcoming November general elections to assist. Just contact your local elections office for details. Also, there are many nonprofit organizations that reform the electoral process and help voters-- you can find a list of these on this blog's left hand column.
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