Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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Public Citizen has an email your representative campaign concerning the recent U.S. House ethics committee's guidelines on convention parties. These lobbyist-paid "honor" parties for lawmakers have given undue influence on those representatives when they return to the Capitol to vote. The 2007 Ethics bill corrected this, but recently the House ethics committee ruled against the intent of this new law. If you agree, please contact your U.S. Representative and tell them to have the House use the Senate ethics committee's correct banning of these convention parties. Thank you.

The House ethics committee released its guidelines for lobbyists who want to wine and dine Congress. In a perversion of the new lobbying and ethics rules that ban lobbyists from hosting parties at the national conventions that "honor a member of Congress," it said that lobbyists cannot throw parties "honoring" a single member of Congress, but that it's perfectly OK if they are "honoring" two or more members of Congress.

But the Senate ethics committee got it right. The Senate's guidelines forbid lobbyist parties for one, two, or any number of members of Congress.

Take Action NOW: Tell your representative that the House ethics guidelines for convention parties are absurd - and hardly ethical.
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