Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Newsweek's Jan. 16, 2008 article "Ross Perot Slams McCain" is the first major media interview by the former 1992 and 1996 Presidential candidate in several years. Although much of the article touches on his disputes with current Republican Presidential candidate John McCain over the plight of Vietnamese POWs, and of his endorsement of Republican Pres. candidate Mitt Romney, he also shares his thoughts on the America of today. He considers the shape of our great nation worse than when he was rallying grassroots America as a candidate.

Perot offers no easy solutions, instead emphasizing "a strong moral and ethical base, strong homes and the finest schools." He says he's disappointed that big textbook companies successfully lobbied in the Texas state legislature to reverse his landmark school reforms.

The pint-size Texan with the funny voice and the big ears isn't planning to run for president again, but says he will launch a Web site next month with plenty of the charts and graphs he made famous when explaining the deficit in 1992.

Before hanging up, Perot asked me to read the books he recommended on live POWs. I promised him I would.

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