Sunday, December 30, 2007

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Microsoft Download Center with SilverlightThings are changing over at Microsoft Download Center, as the new beta introduces Microsoft's take on Flash, Silverlight. That means if you want to check out the beta for yourself, you'll have to download the Silverlight plug-in in order to actually see the site - which from a usability perspective is never much fun.

Then again, people didn't really mind downloading Flash. Nitpicks aside, the website, if you can still call it that ("rich interactive application" anyone?), does look a lot prettier from a cosmetic standpoint than its current counterpart. It is also a lot tidier - the width of the experience has been reduced as well as the feeling of claustrophobia you would get from the regular version has been alleviated. All the text and boxes have proper breathing room now, and are quite easy on the eyes.

It does make one wonder if all of this couldn't have been done with a little bit of CSS instead? Sure you might have to exchange some of the very smooth eyecandy with something slightly more utilitarian - but it could be done. But, of course, Microsoft needs to show off its baby. It's probably safe to assume that once the final version releases that Microsoft will use it as a staging platform to really push Silverlight and try to take a bite out of Flash market share.

Thanks, George!
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