Monday, December 31, 2007

Adding Avatars and Gravatars to Your WordPress and Blog - SendMeRSS

Avatars, or the well known Gravatars, are tiny images, often called your online identity, picture, badge, logo, or graphic image which represent you and/or your blog. Some use photographs of their face or body, or a body part like an eye, nose, or hand. Others use pictures of animals, flowers, scenics, or graphic images. Many professional bloggers use their logo.

Many people like to see these graphic representatives of their blog next to their comments, or now, with the new addition of avatars and Gravatars to, in their WordPress Administration Dashboard listing of the top posts, My Comments comment follow panel, and on the Comments Panel, as well as within the comments of many WordPress Themes.

Adding Gravatars to WordPress and Blogs

When Automattic bought Gravatar, they updated the infrastructure to speed things up and updated the Gravatar WordPress Plugin.

Then Gravatars support was enabled for all users. Those with a Gravatar attached to their email will see their Gravatar image appearing on all blogs, as soon as they finish enabling all Themes. User, Your Profile Panel Avatar upload bloggers can add an avatar image to their blog by going to the Users > Your Profile panel. In a box currently on the left side is where to upload your image. The image should be no bigger than 128 pixels, though 80 pixels square is the standard. The image must withstand “shrinkage” down to 16 pixels, the size that appears on the Administration Panels Dashboard.

If you would like to add Gravatars to your blog, begin by registering a Gravatar image on the Gravatars site by signing up and submitting an image. Then follow the user’s guide which includes how to enable Gravatars on your blogging platform or program.

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User comment: By: Avatar Kalki
Thank You for this know-how! :)
User comment: By: Darran
lorelle, with regards to the plugin, it says version 1.2, does it support 2.3 now? i am using gravatars 2 plugin but would not hesitate to switch if there is an up to date official plugin for gravatars. don't get me wrong, gravatars 2 is a great plugin to use, very simple and it is successfully integrated into my theme but i would definitely prefer something which is official.
User comment: By: ayahshiva
nice tips
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